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A list for those who don't want to trash their decluttered items.

Something my clients often struggle with is the inherrend conclusion of trashing their things during their KonMari journey. I totally understand that. But: Decluttering is not equal tossing it into the trash bin. Nobody wants to trash perfectly good things - or even worse - things they used to love but that fulfilled their purpose or that don't spark joy to them anymore.

But if you declutter inventory from your home, that doesn't automatically mean you'll have to recycle or discard them. What one person may consider useless or unwanted may be valuable or desirable to someone else or can even be much needed for somebody. Especially if it is in a new or good condition. So today I'll give you an overview of where you can donate or recycle things that no longer serve you.

For those of you, who don't want to put beloved items in good condition in the trash: I hear you and I've got you covered! Here comes a list of where donations are much needed and very welcome:

Coats and Jackets

Give those to your local homeless shelters. They are happy for everything they can give to the homeless, especially when Fall is just around the corner.

Blankets and Towels

Those are always needed and much welcome in animal shelters. They are used to give the cats and dogs a little bit of comfort. The can cuddle up in them or just don't have to sleep on the floor.

Toys and Puzzles

Childrens homes or Kindergardens are always happy about donations, especially when it comes to toys. Those are played with so much, that they get worn out quickly. So don't hesitate to ask them, if they take donations. They'll be more than happy to do so.

Unopened cosmetics

Girls and women come to women's shelters im situations where they desperately need help. Oftentimes without time to prepare for a new life. They sometimes don't even have time to pack or just grab somethings they need and cannot be without like medication. If you have unopened cosmetics, it's welcome in women's shelters.

Craft supplies

Retirement homes are the place to go if you'd like to get rid of your craft supplies. The employees and voluntaring people try their best to entertain the elderly and want the residents to have a good time. So oftentimes they do crafts togehter.

Clothes in good condition

Thrift stores and Red Cross donation points are always happy to get clothes and accessoires im good condition. Please check the condition and put it into a donatable box before you drive by, because if the items are in a bad condition and you just don't want to toss them, because you're emotionally attaced o.e., please be aware, that it's gonna be trashed anyways.

Unopened canned foods

If you have unopened canned foods you want to get rid of, you can donate those to missions in you community.


Little libraries are a beautiful thing in a lot of communities where people share their love of reading with people who cannot afford buying books or others who try not to buy books that end up standing in the shelf collecting dust. Just look around in your community, you'll find many of them throughout the city, in front yards or even in companies offices.

If you need to recycle things, those are the places to go to:

Empty printer toner

If you have ordered it online the shops usually offer a recycling service where you just add a printed label and send it back. But what might be a far better Option thinking about environmental impact of delivered packages might be dropping your empty toners off for recycling at a local electronics shop. They usually offer a recycling service.


Batteries can be dropped off at collection points in many drug stores or grocery stores. The collecting bins are usually located near the entrance doors or sometimes even in office buildings at the reception counter. Those are also collected at your local recycling center.

CDs and DVDs

DVDs and CDs contain precious materials that are very worthy of recycling. Those are collected at your local recycling center. They need to be dispensed as the CD or DVD only, so if you want to recycle them through your local recycling center, please Hand them over seperated from their covers.


Old or expired medication can be dropped off at any pharmacy. They take care of correct recycling for you.

Those fotos might not be Instagram-worthy, but that's not why we're here, right? It's about real stories and about reality in general here. Those are real pictures of some of my clients throughout their journey to letting things go with a greatful heart. So please be open minded and kind.

What do you think of donating or recycling? Does that resonate with you or are you more of a 'just get it out of the house, no matter where'-person when decluttering your home?

Leave me a comment below. ❤️



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