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It's all about your clothing...

The first step on your KonMari journey - after you've committed to tidying and you've imagined your ideal life - always starts right here: in your closet!

OK, I'll admit it. The first step might not be fun. You name it: it's decluttering! ;)

But why is it important to get your closet in order? This is where your morning starts. You'll begin it standing in front of your closet, deciding what to wear. The feeling you have in that moment sets the tone for the entire day. So that means, once you've got your clothing in order, every single morning is going to be easier! It is going to be stressfree when you take the time to organize your clothing.

If it's hard to find your clothes or you find getting dressed in the morning and deciding what to even wear difficult, this is a clear sign for you to finally tackle your wardrobe. Decluttering is important because - let's be honest ;) - we all have too much clothing and if your dresser or closet is packed to the rim, it's unlikely to spark joy, right? But far worse than that, our clothing can make us feel really bad about ourselves.

If you own clothing that doesn't fit you or doesn't make you feel good then why is it in your closet?

We're gonna change this now and for good you guys! If it

  1. ...doesn't fit

  2. ...doesn't look good and/or

  3. wouldn't buy it again's a clear sign you can thank it and let it go. No regrets whatsoever!

And by the way: Marie Kondo set clothing on category 1 to decide if it sparks joy for a reason. Usually we are not getting emotionally attached to our everyday clothing. So it makes it much easier to start practising the process of joy-checking and the way our body answeres to you while you hold it. Do you feel a physical respond from your heart? If yes, then it is a "hell, yes!" and I want you to keep this item with confidence.

We're gonna talk about how to organize your closet in one of my next posts. But for now:

What is your closet making you feeling like right now? Have you already konmari'd it? Leave me a comment down below. ❤️



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