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Everything has a place and everything in its place.

Aktualisiert: 20. Juli 2023

Don't we all have that one friend where we can pull over just to say 'Hi' and they let us in and it is always neat and tidy in their home? It seems like there is such a thing as a naturally tidy person. But what do these people do differently in their everyday lives?

As you all know by now, I'm not a naturally tidy person. I had to learn becoming a tidy person along my way through my KonMari journey. So that's why I wanna share my thoughts about this topic with you today.

Benjamin Franklin already knew back then, that it is important to develop habits to be organized. If you know me in real life, that is something you have heard me quoting a lot. Because I find it so helpful to remind myself throughout the day, when I'm tempted to just put something down right where I stand. And I learned that this quote is perfectly true to me. Everything in my house has a designated home, so I always know what and how much of it I have and where it is.

But looking back on the beginning of my journey, it wasn't always like that. I developed that habit over time. The first step was to declutter my whole house. I held everything in my home and joy-checked it. Ask yourself: 'Is it a definite yes? Does it spark joy to me? Is it a favourite?' or even 'Would I buy it again?' If the answer is anything else than a definite yes, it's a no. So I gratefully let the things go that didn't spark joy. The second step was to assign every item a temporary home, so I could find out if it's in the right spot. That is an important step during the process, because if you want to become a tidy person we're not talking about a minimalist aestetic, right? But what we sure talk about is a practical, cozy home in which everything serves your everyday needs, which supports you and makes life easier for you. If everything is in its final home right away - perfect! If not, do not hesitate and move it to a place where it's making more sense. For example: Why keeping your mugs in the kitchen when the coffee machine is in your family room? Why having the flour, sugar and other baking supplies in the pantry when you are treating your family with homemade muffins every other day? Doesn't it make much more sense to use the kitchen cabinet your standing in front for baking for makes much more sense? Keep it as simple as possible to be helpful in your daily needs.

And after you have put your whole house in order and you have assigned a home for every teenytiny inventory in your house, you will feel like a rock has been taken off of your shoulders and you will love your home even more. And that's why you might want it to never change again, right? You have put so much love and work in it, you'll want to never go back to where you started.

And that's when it's time to develop habits that will lead you to the final goal: Being a tidy person.

So the very first step towards that is decluttering. Keep on going untill the rule of 'everything has a place and everythingin it's place' comes natural to you. You will reach a point where you feel very comfortable with the amount of things in your home. Remember, if I have made it, you can, too!

What do you think naturally tidy people do differently? Let me know in the comments below. ❤️



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